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Trends in rabbit meat consumption in selected Maltese rural areas

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posted on 2024-02-19, 10:56 authored by GEORGE ATTARDGEORGE ATTARD

This study aimed to analyse trends in rabbit meat consumption amongst consumers in selected rural communities in Malta. Data was collected through a survey that targeted 250 interviewees which was conducted through random telephone calls. Results indicate that rabbit meat is perceived as being lean and low in cholesterol, healthier and tastier than other meats, however this is not reflected in the consumption pattern. Price does not result to be an issue, yet its consumption is moderate. Thighs are the most preferred part of the carcass and frying/braising is the most frequent method of cooking. An element of doubt in the supply chain exists, so much so that consumers prefer to source from family and friends that rear rabbits mainly for their own consumption. To the best of the authors’ knowledge, this is the first study that attempts to assess and report on Maltese consumer perceptions and behaviours related to rabbit meat.