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MaltaPot Għar Dalam photograph collection (MPotPhotosGD2023v1)

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posted on 2024-01-24, 10:00 authored by Emma RICHARD TREMEAUEmma RICHARD TREMEAU, JOHN CHARLES BETTSJOHN CHARLES BETTS, Catriona Brogan

This collection of photographs was compiled as part of the MaltaPot project at the University of Malta. This project aims to enhance the understanding of pottery technology and provenance in Neolithic Malta, mainly dating to the Għar Dalam, Skorba (Early Neolithic), and Zebbuġ (Late Neolithic) phases. This collection presents sherds from the Għar Dalam phase, photographs, and microphotographs and lists their archaeological contexts and form. This collection was prepared thanks to the information from the National Museum of Archaeology (NMA), Malta, and the FRAGSUS project. The project used multiple techniques to characterise the pottery sherds, such as microscopy, polarised light microscope, X-Ray Fluorescence or X-Ray Diffraction. This collection presents the sherds which were not analysed using these destructive techniques, although they had a section ground flat for microphotography. Data collection was carried out between 2018-2020 by Dr Brogan. The document was compiled by 2023 Ms Richard-Trémeau. Photographs can be used if credited. This upload contains a PDF document and two zip files with the macroscopic photograph (Exterior surface) and the microphotographs.


The MaltaPot project was funded by European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and Marie Sklodowska-Curie grant agreement No 795633. The University of Malta provided additional funding.


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The MaltaPot project